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Discover Charleston Magazine Brochure

Converting Tourists Into Home Buyers:

Luxury Simplified, a prominent real estate agency in Charleston, South Carolina, wanted a fresh approach to real estate marketing. Something that would grab visitors attention and use subtle marketing tactics to gain reader's trust and confidence. Whitefox Design came up with a strategic "magazine" showcasing all that Charleston has to offer to its tourists- and potential home buyers all while shoring up Luxury Simplified as the leader in the Charleston real estate market.

Brochure design gold courses for Charleston Real Estate Company
Brochure design for Charleston Real Estate Company

This charming magazine was both informational and helpful to visitors, but more importantly, served as a trojan horse in reaching their elite clientele. The 34 page piece includes three distinct sections that can be used as separate brochures as needed- now isn't that an efficient use of a marketing budget!


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