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Luxury Simplified

This prestigious group in Charleston, SC focused on everything properties- Construction, Real Estate, Vacation Rentals and even Events Venues. Whitefox Design stepped in as design and strategy support to their robust marketing department resulting in numerous awards and nominations, tons of compelling collateral, several new brands emerging, user friendly websites and a partnership of like minds.

We started with LS Group- creating brochures, digital ads and websites to tell their story. Armed with the marketing materials to reinforce their messaging, they quickly gained a positive reputation in Charleston along with new clientele.

Next, their newest project, a gorgeously renovated event venue known as the Gadsden House, needed to make a name for itself in an oversaturated market. After designing their logo, which the client wanted to be based on their iconic iron doors, the venue was nearing completion of the renovations. Through email campaigns, beautifully designed booklets and brochures and a simplistic website geared towards their target audiences, the wedding planning industry took note. The venue's popularity has surged hosting a variety of galas and ceremonies to date.




If Luxury Simplified knows anything, it's how to keep things fresh and current- and their company website is no exception. For their website refresh, the company wanted to show off their cheeky side and branch off from the former corporate feel. With custom graphic illustrations, icons and playful copywriting, the website accomplishes just that.

Another challenge for the company, who has several subsidiaries, has been to tell the story of their One Stop Shop client experience. Through a series of hand drawn illustrations of Charleston doors to represent their 4 businesses on the website homepage, users get the connection instantly. To solidify this message, a series of brochures, signs and booklets were designed. We honed in on their key marketing messages and target audiences to sharply increase new business inquiries and brand awareness.

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