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Website for Event Planner: ​

This detail oriented team of women needed a Charleston website design and development that was as well planned and executed as their events. This custom website covers their entire portfolio and offerings, yet the back end is simple to navigate so their staff can keep the blog, portfolio and press page fresh and up to date.

Using infographics in your designs help your audience to digest hard to understand information and also makes the data more memorable. Visually displaying chunky text or important figures can be a better way to connect with your audience.

Infograph design

  1. Highlighting key facts and figures reinforces your brand or business as an authority figure and builds credibility with the audience.

  2. Visual information is processed much faster and more efficiently than text - 60,000 times faster - which is why more people prefer infographics than a block of text. Why is that? 70% of all your sensory receptors are in your eyes and it only takes .01 seconds for your brain to get sense of a visual scene.

  3. Well designed infographics are worth the investment as they are versatile and can be used in a variety of platforms including printed materials, social media, websites and digital marketing.

After years of designing all-things Real Estate - we're talking multiple websites, email templates, "Sold" postcards, "Just Listed" brochures, logos, marketing campaigns.. it can easily get a little ho-hum if you don't find ways to keep things interesting. I like to find the differentiating factor of a client- be it an established team or an agent that has struck out on their own. Here are a few examples of why the extra effort to dig deeper and be creative and strategic in your approach can yield great results.


Website, print campaigns, digital content

One thing that Luxury Simplified Real Estate is amazing at is generating beautiful content. During my recent tenure as their Creative Director, I spearheaded mailing campaigns, website designs (and redesigns), created gated content for their websites, invitations to events and printed brochures. The sticking point was how to be creative with it. I designed brochures to look like glossy magazine covers, created print campaigns that looked like a letter directed to the target consumer and helped develop "how to" guides on almost every subject acquainted with Real Estate in Charleston, South Carolina.


Company Naming, Branding, Logo Design

The world's sweetest couple in Real Estate decided to brand themselves separately from their parent company. Given the saturated market in Charleston, the duo would need something different to give them a leg up on the competition. Picking up on their Chip and Joanna Gains vibe, we worked together to form the brand of The Mello Life, based on their last name of Mello (how lucky are they??). Their photography, social media and website all reinforce this mellow lifestyle and buying process they create for their happy clientele.


Website, Mailing Campaign

This South Carolina Realtor was steadily making a name for himself in an area with 1,650+ active Realtors. Chasen McCall, with Sotheby's International Real Estate, needed a website to show off his unique sales approach and a mailing marketing campaign that actually had people pause in their driveways. With the amount of junk mail people receive in their digital mailboxes and at their homes, designing something to capture people's attention was no small task. BUT. Chasen's stellar career accomplishments made this campaign a home-run. We deigned a series of postcards to highlight his recent sales records and demand people's attention.

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