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New Pinterest Feature Allows Creators to Make Money Off Their Pins

With the recent roll out of this new feature meant to target the influencer market, users of Pinterest can expect more encouragement to shop their pins. Although businesses can already upload “Product Pins” to Pinterest, allowing people to click through to find and buy a product, creators can now play a role in promoting those products via "Idea Pins".. Let's dive right in.

What You Should Know:

Idea Pins:

  • New feature rolled out in in May of 2021

  • Think of them as a cross between TikTok videos and Stories

  • They offer a way for creators to produce content that combines music, voice over, video and other interactive elements

  • Can be up to 60 seconds per page, with up to 20 total pages per pin

  • Creators can also add other features to their pins, like stickers or music, and tag other creators with their @username

  • New updates to Analytics to help creators learn what content resonates with their audience

Shoppable Pins and How They Help Your Brand:

  • Influencers can now promote items on Pinterest, earning commissions through affiliate links and partnering with brands on sponsored content

  • This finally allows influencers to build their own businesses and expand their reach on Pinterest- a feature that platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram have already mastered

  • Creators will be able to tag products in their pins, resulting in a purchase from the Pinterest app

  • Businesses win as well when Pinterest influencers create this new content with their products, making it easier for potential buyers to understand how to use their products and their benefits

  • New feature supports affiliate programs and brand sponsorships, thought this is currently only available for select creators

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Image Credits: Pinterest


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