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Better PowerPoint Presentations in 3 Steps

Corporate PowerPoints have long been a known and unwelcome Ambien substitute, lulling audiences to sleep as the presenter drones on about the latest statistics. But no more I say! Jazz up that board room, wake up those shareholders!

1. Use eye catching photography or graphics.

No, I'm not talking about the stock photography of a guy that looks like your cousin Jerry holding a clipboard. I'm talking about the high end top shelf Getty image kind of stuff. And if you search hard enough- its out there and it's free. Here are some free99 resources to assist your now non-boring presentation:

Pro Tip: Stuck with that cousin Jerry crap? Using a simple transparent overlay can make images more uniform and create a cohesive look. The darker the color overlay (esp black) the easier text is to read.

2. Keep it consistent.

Headers different colors. Logos of varying sizes. Photos with sepia tones next to vibrant images. These are the stuff of nightmares and by golly you can do better. It takes a few minutes to go through a deck and make everything uniform- and in the end, your presentation looks polished, nay- professional.

3. Choose an interesting font.

If you use Arial, we can't we friends. Pick a font combination that is visually interesting. An example is a Serif font with a Sans-serif. Or just one classic font, but interweave the italicized and bold versions for a clean look. Also, kerning is everything. Everything.

Note: The copy has been swapped out on these slides because some clients are special secrets that like to remain mysterious. I hear that.

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