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FEB 16TH - FEB 21ST, 2023

You're invited to a party.. that lasts 6 days.

Your favorite fun loving, stretch pant wearing gal pal is turning 40! And what better way to celebrate this milestone of staying alive ALL THESE YEARS than to celebrate with those I love. You guys have been an absolute gift to me. We laughed, we've cried, we've wrecked cars listening to Jennifer Love Hewitt's single, we've plotted revenge, spilt lots of wine, ripped dresses, faked accents, fallen down stairwells and cheered each other on the whole time. I would love it if we could get together to celebrate all of those things and the ones in between.


About the Trip

Tulum, Mexico is gorgeous, full of fun activities, nightlife and fantastic restaurants. It has an alluring jungle-meets-beach vibe, stemming from the local industry’s commitment to eco-tourism and sustainability. But most importantly, it's CLOSE BY and quick and inexpensively assessible. 

Where We're Staying



This unique villa can welcome 14 guests in a beautiful atmosphere born from the cultural crossing of Mexican colonial house and Maroccan Riad architecture. Yum Kaax villa is a fully equipped house with 6 bedrooms, each one with unique details that will inspire many.

You will also enjoy the jacuzzi and a large swimming pool with a full jungle view at the rooftop area.

Villa Yum Kaax is to experience not only a private exclusive vacation rental but also a hotel management with a full staff dedicated to provide you the most comfortable and personalized stay in Tulum.

On the rooftop, you will enjoy the spectacular view on the jungle (and the amazing sunset on the top of the trees) and you will swim in the large pool before to lay on the long chairs.

One of our most suggested Villa Yum Kaax extra service is the gastronomical experience of our private chef and it s team. Its cooking is highly suggested for Breakfast, lunch and diner...a vast offer of dishes which are all seasonal.

Rooms Available

There are 6 bedrooms with 12 sleeping spaces/ beds.



Perfect for those of you who can't stay the entire 6 nights or want a little more privacy. Right down the street from the main house, Villa Yum Kaax, the same owners own a boutique hotel with 8 gorgeous suites. They are filling up, so try to book soon!


Located in the heart of the jungle in the beautiful Tulum- the whole building is a work of art. It was built with love and dedication, in order to provide a unique, special and quiet atmosphere .

So how much are we talking?

Flights: Last time I looked, flying into Cancun from Chs is now around $700, so from NYC etc is probably cheaper :)

Main house: I am eating some costs on this- it's my birthday! But I would ask that guests pay between $200-$250 per night for their room if possible. Want to share a room someone coming? Great! You guys can split that cost. There are several ladies coming solo who would probably love to split a room, I'm happy to coordinate.

Hotels: Rooms at hotel close by range between $90 - $200 a night. 

If we get a private chef for some dinners, I think it's around $35 a head. I'll sponsor my birthday dinner!


Coordinating Arrivals

Some of you hav expressed interest in coordinating arrival and departure times. I have made a chart that I'll update as you send your flight plans. We have the house from the 16th - 21st, I'm going down a day early to get everything ready.

There is a very inexpensive bus from the Cancun airport to Tulum that I will be posting the information for. I will most likely be renting a van to run us around town in.


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