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You meet with a potential client. The conversation seems promising, they seem interested. You'll need to follow up within a couple days so you're not forgotten.. thats where a beautiful piece of sales collateral can come in. Here are some benefits to the beloved Digital Brochure.

Creating opportunities for engagement. Emailing potential client a thoughtfully designed digital brochure provides targeted information to qualified potential clients. It is the perfect way to guide them one step further down your marketing funnel. Event planners following up on a website inquiry with their package breakdowns, contractors sending a would-be homeowner with their renovation portfolio, a PR firm emailing case studies to a CEO met at a party- there is an application for nearly every business.

Savings on digital vs print. Once the design is completed, you are not paying for printing and distribution costs, making digital brochures a cost effective solution.

Ease of access. With the ability to view brochures online, potential clients can easily browse through them on mobile devices or desktop- unlike a costly print brochure that can end up in a stack of papers at the end of a desk.

Make sure that your digital and physical marketing materials match the look, messaging, and mission statement on your website. Keeping everything cohesive will reinforce your branding.

Translating "Clever" to a Website Design: ​

If Luxury Simplified in Charleston SC knows anything, it's how to keep things fresh and current- and their website is no exception. With this website refresh, the company wanted to show off their cheeky side and branch off from the former corporate feel. With custom graphic illustrations, icons and playful copywriting, the website accomplishes just that.

One Stop Shop

Another challenge for the company, who has several subsidiaries, has been to tell the story of their One Stop Shop client experience. Through a series of hand drawn illustrations of Charleston doors to represent their 4 businesses on the homepage, users get the connection instantly. Boom.

Fabulous properties, fabulous design: ​

Luxury Simplified Retreats, a division of their prominent parent company, Luxury Simplified Group, needed a website for the launch of their new rental management business. The site needed to be as sophisticated as its intended clientele. With custom graphics, icons and copywriting, we produced a beautiful end product with the help of our team of developers.

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